The News Unspun

Are you tired of trying to decipher fact from fiction?
Do you want to read the unvarnished news without any fluff, opinion, or partisanship?
Is easy access to multiple source articles something you look for?

We will do the work of distilling the news, All you have to do is read it.

Our writers use high quality sources, which you can learn about on our sources page, to compile short summaries of what has been happening in the news. We use at least two sources so that we can cross verify the information in each story. When available, we use more sources and we try to make sure the sources come from both sides of the left/right spectrum. An added benefit of looking at all available sources is that we often cover stories you might have missed if you get your news from only one source. Each article also lists and links to the sources at the bottom.

Also available as The News Unspun Briefing with Amazon Alexa

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