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WikiLeaks Releases Documents Purporting to Reveal CIA’s Hacking

WikiLeaks published what it calls “Vault 7” on Tuesday. The information contained in the release claims to be spying and hacking secrets from the CIA. Neither the CIA nor the White House will confirm the authenticity of the documents but have stated that the files pose a risk as they can enable adversaries to harm Americans. WikiLeaks claims to have released only 1% of the files it has in Vault 7.

WikiLeaks has announced that they will provide tech companies exclusive access to the information contained in the remaining documents. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, stated they would release the additional documents after there had been an opportunity to patch software to prevent the CIA from using the newly discovered techniques.

There is concern about whether or not tech companies can or should use the information in the leaks. Those with government contracts may face penalties for viewing the classified documents without proper authorization. If a company does not use the information to patch software, they could be held liable in the event of an attack making use of the methodology. It is possible that many of the techniques have already been patched, as certain methods have become widely known in the cybersecurity field over the past several years

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By: Wikileaks , Nowikileaks, CC BY-SA 3.0

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