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New Discovery Linking Diabetes with Low Gluten Diets

A new report out of Harvard University School of Public Health asserts that those with low to no gluten diets could be at higher risk of Type 2 diabetes. After examining thirty years’ worth of medical data from almost 200,000 patients, they discovered that about 16,000 participants had developed Type 2 diabetes. Those in the highest 20% of gluten intake were 13% less likely to develop the disease as compared to those with the lowest intake. Other factors were taken into account, such as participants’ exercise habits, weight, and family history. Even so, they found that lower gluten intake was still linked to Type 2 diabetes risk. Harvard stated that unless you have celiac disease, you should focus on carbohydrate quality rather than gluten avoidance.

Gluten consumption was self-reported and the study was observational. The findings need to be confirmed by other investigations. There was no data from gluten abstainers as the study began before gluten-free diets became popular.

Source: American Heart Association, Russia Today, Washington Post

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