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A Potential Transition to Nuclear Power in Kentucky Coal Country

Kentucky's Republican-controlled state legislature is close to lifting its moratorium on nuclear energy. Kentucky is culturally and economically dominated by the coal industry, which has been in decline. Coal fired plants providing 83% of the state’s electricity, down from 93% in 2014.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Kentucky is one of 15 states that restrict the construction of nuclear power facilities. Nationwide there are 61 nuclear power plants with 99 reactors across 30 states.

Source: AP, Fox News

Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld - 2013
A Nuclear Power Station (Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant, Grafenrheinfeld, Bavaria, Germany). The nuclear reactor is contained inside the spherical containment building in the center – left and right are cooling towers which are common cooling devices used in all thermal power stations, and likewise, emit water vapor from the non-radioactive steam turbine section of the power plant.
By: Avda, CC BY-SA 3.0

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