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US House Holds Hearing on Possible Russian Interference in 2016 Election

The US House held its first public hearing today on the possibility of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The two witnesses testifying were FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers. The two were questioned about the current investigation, Russian hacking, and hacking methods, as well as President Trump’s claims of being wiretapped. Comey stated that no basis existed for President Trump’s claims that wiretaps were ordered against the Trump campaign by then President Obama. The FBI director also admitted that an investigation has been ongoing since late July of 2016 about possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and was still an open investigation. The FBI and NSA agreed that the Russian interference was very “active” and that not much, if anything, was done to cover their tracks. The FBI believes that any Russian interference in the election stemmed from Vladimir Putin’s intense dislike of Hillary Clinton and that this became clear very early in the investigation based on multiple sources.

Both Director Comey and Admiral Rogers declined to name any specific names or confirm who the investigation was targeting. When question with specific hacking techniques they both stated that was a matter better left to discussion in a classified hearing. 

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