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Two Year Old Fatally Shoots 9 Year Old Brother

On Monday, a 9 year old boy was shot and killed by his 2 year old brother with a handgun owned by their mother. The shooting occurred in Phoenix, AZ. According to court documents, the mother had placed the loaded gun on a bed within reach of the child while she turned to get a holster. The 2 year old then grabbed the gun and shot his brother. The mother told police she had let the 2 year old pull the trigger on the unloaded gun previously.

The couple had four children, two of whom were in a different room at the time of the shooting. The mother is facing four counts of child abuse. The father of the children was arrested on a weapons charge when he arrived home during the investigation. He was a prohibited possessor as a convicted felon.  The CBS story contains copies of the court documents.

Source: AP, CBS, Fox News

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