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Nunes Makes Claims About Incidental Collection of Intelligence on American Citizens

Representative Devin Nunes, R- Calif. and chair of the House Intelligence Committee, admitted he made a visit to the White House last week to view intelligence files related to the incidental collection of intelligence on American citizens. Nunes has claimed the intelligence was potential proof of improper spying on the Trump transition team. He stated the documents included references to Trump advisers and associates but did not pertain to Russia. Nunes reportedly briefed the president regarding the material the next day without informing his colleagues of the new information. 

Nunes failure to report to the committee before meeting with the president has prompted Democrats and a single Republican, Rep. Walter Jones, to state that Nunes should recuse himself as chairman of the committee. Nunes claimed he would not reveal his source in order to protect those who bring information to the committee. Since his original statement, he has added that he would not reveal his intelligence source to members of the committee either. 

Source: Chicago Tribune, The Hill, LA Times

Devin nunes
Devin Nunes, U.S. Representative from California, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee
By: US Congress

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