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Man Forcibly Removed from United Flight on Sunday Night

Man Forcibly Removed from United Flight on Sunday Night

United is facing outrage after a video showing a man being forcibly removed from a flight that was overbooked. The flight was departing from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and heading to Louisville, Kentucky. The airline offered $400 and cover a hotel stay to any passenger willing to take an alternative flight the next day, after United needed to transport additional flight crew to Louisville. After boarding United asked for four additional passengers to volunteer to take a later flight. They randomly selected two passengers to be removed after not getting enough volunteers. The man refused to get off of the flight.

CEO Oscar Munoz did not apologize for the way the passenger was handled, only that the flight was overbooked. The Chicago Board of Aviation has placed the officer involved in physically dragging the man off of the flight on leave, stating that protocol was not followed. The US Department of Transportation is reviewing whether or not United complied with overbook rules. This incident comes less than a month after two teen girls were barred from a United flight for wearing leggings

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