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Lenin Moreno Appears to Win Presidency in Ecuador

Former Vice President Lenin Moreno, a leftist, appeared to have a narrow victory in Ecuador’s runoff election for president. If Moreno does win it would oppose the recent trend of not electing left-leaning populist leaders in South America. Voters in Ecuador are concerned with the high levels of government spending that have increased the debts of Ecuador and reduced economic growth. However, Moreno’s social welfare policies appear to resonate with the country’s high levels of poverty even with those economic concerns.

Moreno’s opponent, Guillermo Lasso, has requested a recount in all 24 provinces after exit polls in three provinces showed him ahead. A local watchdog had stated there was a technical tie with a difference under 0.6 percentage points.

Source: Fox News, LA Times

CENA LENIN MORENO (16217113764) (cropped)
President Elect of Ecuador Lenin Moreno
By: Agencia de Noticias ANDES, CC BY-SA 2.0

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