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Poll: Trump Approval Rating Drops Again

President Trump’s approval rating has dropped 11 points since March, according to a new poll released Monday.
Thirty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance in the newest Investor’s Business Daily (IBD)/TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) survey. Fifty-six percent disapprove of his performance.
The president of TechnoMetrica and the director of the poll, Raghavan Mayur suggested the decline in approval was due to “[...] his ambitious agenda [encountering] some obstacles in Congress.”

Monday’s results found that 49 percent say Trump’s leadership is weak, contrasted by 35 percent who believe it is strong. Thirty-nine percent are satisfied with America’s direction under Trump, an 11-point decrease from 50 percent in IBD/TIPP’s February survey.

Source: CNN, The Hill, Investors, TIPP Online

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