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Breaking - US Launched 59 Missiles at a Syrian Airbase

Last night the US launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syria airfield. Seven Syrian soldiers were killed and nine injured in the attack, while the airfield was "almost completely destroyed". The airfield is believed to be the site from where chemical weapons were launched in an attack earlier this week. The US has claimed that the Syrian government had used the chemical weapons and that the strike was a "one-off" with the intention of deterring further chemical weapon usage by the Syrian government. The Pentagon had warned Russia of the strike ahead of time so they could protect any of their troops. 

The Syrian and Russian governments maintain that a conventional bomb strike detonated a rebel stockpile, a claim which experts have found to be implausible. Russia has denounced the strike as an act of aggression and cut off its use of a shared communication channel with the US. Russia has demanded an emergency meeting of the UN ceasefire task force.

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