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This Day in History: Lawrence of Arabia Dies

With Lawrence in Arabia
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence
By: Lowell Thomas, Public Domain

On May 19, 1935, Lawrence of Arabia died after being injured in a motorcycle accident on May 13. T. E. Lawrence, who was known as Lawrence of Arabia, was a war hero, retired Royal Air Force mechanic and archeological scholar. He was born in Wales in 1888. 

Lawrence studied architecture and archeology at Oxford and won a fellowship to study an ancient Hittite settlement on the Euphrates river. After WWI broke out, Lawrence enlisted and became an intelligence officer in Cairo. Lawrence convinced his superiors to aid the revolution against Turkish rule led by Hussein ibn Ali. After a successful revolt, Lawrence was made a liaison to the Arabian army. He was able to guide an effective guerilla war against the Turkish lines.

After the war, Lawrence lobbied for independence for Arab countries and would wear Arab robes to the Paris peace conference. Lawrence enlisted in the Royal Air Force and then Royal Tank Corps under two different assumed names to escape his fame. He was discharged from service in February 1935.

Source:, Wikipedia

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