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Linwood Michael Kaine Facing Misdemeanor Charges

Linwood Michael Kaine, the son of former vice-presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine, is facing three misdemeanor charges after disrupting a “March for Trump” rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. Seven other protesters were also charged. Kaine was charged with obstructing the legal process, fleeing on foot and concealing his identity in public. Two of the others were charged with felonies: William Bueckert was charged with obstructing legal process and prohibited use of tear gas, while Francis Sagermerek was charged with prohibited use of tear gas.
The complaint alleges that 75 to 125 counter-protesters came to the March 4 rally to confront those supporting President Donald Trump. The complaint also claims that Kaine and others changed into black clothing and obscured their faces before entering the Capitol where they were chanting, yelling, and confronting Trump supporters. The press release from the county attorney stated that the group “employed smoke bombs, mace and fireworks, thereby creating a chaotic and dangerous situation.” 

Source: Chicago Tribune, RT

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