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Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidency

Emmanuel Macron, a centrist, defeated Marine Le-Pen in the presidential election in France. Le-Pen was described as being a far-right nationalist and had threatened to take France out of the European Union. Macron won 66% of the vote to Le-Pen’s 34%; the margin was only projected to be 20 points. While Le-Pen lost, her party, the National Front, garnered more votes than ever before. This was the first election since the 2nd World War in which none of the major parties made it to the runoff election. Macron will be the youngest president in French history at 39 years old. 

Source: BBCThe GuardianThe IndependentReuters

Emmanuel Macron crop
Emmanuel Macron, Finance Minister, December 2015
By: Ecole polytechnique Université Paris, CC BY-SA 2.0

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