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Data Analytics Contractor for RNC Left Voter Data Unsecured

A data analytics contractor that was employed by the RNC, Deep Root Analytics, left databases containing 198 million records of voters from all political parties exposed. The unsecured data was discovered by a security researcher Chris Vickery from the security firm UpGuard. The data has since been secured.
Vickery stated this was the largest exposure he had found across several metrics: size (25 TB), depth and scope. The data included names, addresses, and an RNC id that allows for cross-referencing individual voters in other files within the collection. This exposure is the largest and contains information on more than half of the American population; the next largest exposure had the records of 93.4 million records of Mexican citizens and the largest breach contained 55 million records of Philippine voters.
The data was exposed between June 1 and 14, but would have been difficult to find without knowing its exact web address.

Source: The Hill, ZDNet

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