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US Embassies Begin Using New Questionnaire for Visa Applicants

US Embassies have begun using a new questionnaire for visa applicants that was approved by the Trump administration on May 23. The new questionnaire asks for social media handles that have been used in the last 5 years as well as the last 15 years of employment, travel and dwelling history. A state department official stated that it will be used when a more thorough vetting is required.
The questions have been approved for 6 months by the Office of Management and Budget under emergency approval. They are expected to be revised and made permanent.
The questions have been criticized as unnecessary, as well as burdensome. The ACLU has made the argument in a nine page letter that the questions could impose on the privacy of any American citizens with whom the applicant may have been in contact. 

Source: The Independent, Washington Post
Questionnaire: US Embassies

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